Judo Kai of Fairfield group picture with Sensei Kevin Costello
Judo Kai of Fairfield group picture with Sensei Kevin Costello
Randori at Judo Kai of Fairfield
Newaza at Judo Kai of Fairfield
Kids practicing turnovers at Judo Kai of Fairfield
Kids practicing throws during class at Judo Kai of Fairfield
Kids and adults competing at a local tournament

Welcome to Judo Kai of Fairfield!

We offer judo classes and self-defense training for children, teens, and adults in a fun and challenging environment. Whether you are looking to explore a martial art, learn self-defense, compete, or just get a great workout, you can find that here. Our classes are affordably priced, practical, and welcoming to both complete beginners and experienced martial artists alike. We can't wait to welcome you to our program!

Seoi nage: judo shoulder throw

New to Judo?

Judo translates as "the gentle way". The founder of judo, Jigoro Kano, chose the name to emphasize the use of "maximum efficiency with minimum effort" to subdue an adversary. Judo's spectacular throws are certainly its most recoqnized techniques; with them, an accomplished judoka (judo practitioner) can overcome much larger and stronger opponents. Once on the ground, judo grappling moves to various pins, holds, arm locks, and chokes. By addressing a fight from standing all the way to the ground, judo is an incredibly effective martial art.

Besides its value for self-defense, judo is also a great form of exercise, a fun sport, a discipline, and a way of life. The two major roads to a judo black belt are kata (martial arts forms) and competition. Kata involves demonstrating proficiency in progressively more complex techniques.

Sensei Kevin teaching koshi guruma

Kids Judo

If you are looking for a quality kids martial arts program, give Judo Kai of Fairfield a try. Our children's program is second to none, with active, exciting classes and personalized attention aimed at developing confidence, discipline, respect, and resilience in our students.

"Sensei Kevin is an excellent teacher and mentor to all of his students. It's easy to see how passionate he is about teaching judo, as he brings energy and enthusiasm to every class he teaches. He has the amazing ability to take very difficult, technical skills and break them down in a way that kids of varying age levels can easily understand and be successful. My kids play a lot of different sports and they tell everyone that judo is their favorite. Sensei Kevin is the reason why my kids love judo so much."

- Chrissy Russell


Judo Kai of Fairfield adult judo randori

Adult Judo

Whether self-defense, fitness, competition, community, or that coveted black belt is your goal, Judo Kai of Fairfield can help. Our well-respected adult program will have you throwing people in no time! You will get a great workout in a sport-oriented, welcoming environment while learning one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

"I have gained a lot of confidence from judo, a sort of courage I forgot I had. I've pushed myself further than I knew I could. Sensei Kevin is always focused on improving my judo and that has improved my life all around. My 6-year-old daughter loves the socializing and confidence building, the exercise, and believe it or not, the structure. I'm happy to share the experience with her."

- Peter Nogay


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Judo Kai Challenges are held periodically throughout the year. These developmental tournaments are ideal for upcoming judo students to test their skills and gain valuable competition experience in a friendly, low-key environment. Check our Events page or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay informed about upcoming tournaments.


Self defense session with instructor Kevin Costello

Other Training

We also offer self-defense seminars for private groups, as well as individual instruction in judo, Japanese ju-jitsu, kempo karate, and self-defense. We will work with you to tailor a program to meet your specific goals.

Sensei Kevin has definitely elevated my ground game to the next level. My own personal ground game was much weaker and flawed until I started working with him. I was growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that I was losing matches on the ground much more frequently than standing up. With his help, I saw myself capitalizing on split second opportunities to win matches that could potentially not have been in my favor. Not only does Sensei Kevin bring his own comprehensive arsenal of techniques and abilities, but also caters every technique and method to each person and their specific goals. Through Strategic Ground Applications (SGA), I was able to enhance my ground fundamentals and close the gaps in my strategy. I went from being vulnerable and exposed on the mat to being educated and prepared for any situation that arises. I highly attribute my success at higher levels to Sensei Kevin. I believe his training gave me the tools help me win key matches and jump from #7 to #3 ranking on the USA Judo National Roster in my weight category. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their game."

- Salama Salem, USA Judo Athlete